Faena District Aims for November Debut | Apogee South Beach

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Faena District Aims for November Debut


We’re quickly approaching the time when Miami Beach’s already thriving art scene shifts into overdrive, eventually culminating with the arrival of the annual, perennially popular Art Basel event. While that won’t be happening for a few more months, November will welcome the official arrival of Alan Faena’s namesake Faena District on Collins Avenue, comprised of the Faena Forum, Bazaar and Park.

Innovative influences will be present throughout the Faena District. The Forum, for example, will consist of a public performance venue standing two stories tall with design by Pritzker Prize winning architect Rem Koolhaas. As for the Bazaar, future visitors will find a mix of retail consisting of well-established international brands and lesser known, up and coming names. The Park will serve as a garage, albeit one boasting elevators for vehicles.

The celebration for the official Faena District unveiling will begin on November 27th with a processional performance featuring a fusion of local and global artists, all of them adding their own one of a kind touch to the carnival style parade. This parade will be followed by Forum performances by the Miami City Ballet.

The Faena District will be located near the acclaimed Faena House and the Faena Hotel. The hotel features 169 exquisitely appointed rooms.

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